2020 A-Players Coach Photo – Shalini Bindal


Shalini is a Coach certified by International Coaching Federation. With over 3 years of practise, she now has more than 350 coaching hours to her credit. Her coaching efforts focus on Women, Youth and Parents. Shalini sees herself as a compass for her clients – helping them see the different paths and solutions available to them and unveiling the consequences and outcomes of each path. Thus, making it easy for them to work out a solution that best works for their situation and personality.

With an MBA in Human Resources, she has worked as an HR Consultant for more than 10 years, before starting my coaching journey. She has worked with Consulting firms in India and Hong Kong and her clients included Fortune 500 companies such as GE, Aviva, and BMS.

Shalini’s coaching sessions support youth in building skills needed to enter and survive in the corporate world, like interview skills, writing resumes, team management skills, and time management skills. Besides building skillsets, she also supports them in their transformational journeysl, such as changing habits and moving from negative to positive mindsets.

Shalini’s sessions are a blend of mentoring and coaching. Besides using coaching techniques, she also uses management tools and psychological theories. Most of her clients find the sessions friendly, relaxed, interspersed with humour and useful.