Angel Young 002a LR – Angel WS Young


Angel Young is the General Manager for LexisNexis with overall responsibility for Hong Kong & Taiwan markets. Angel is keen on leading the teams to deliver world-class customer experience and innovative product offerings and content in helping professionals gain insights and adapt to future challenges.

Previously, Angel was a Managing Director for The Nielsen Company, where she had a career spanning over twenty years in various leadership roles across business consulting, change management, and driving high-performance teams. She has had a breadth of experiences across Greater China in driving customer experience, product enhancements, and organizational capability building. Prior to joining LexisNexis, Angel worked at Wisers as the founding General Manager for WisersAnalytics, a big data and media analytics business to help companies make better decisions on their branding and marketing performance leveraging media big data, AI and Chinese NLP.

Angel graduated from the University of Toronto. She is a firm believer in diversity and inclusion as drivers for business success. Outside of work, she enjoys taking part in community work and mentoring.