2020 A-Players Coach Photo – Lily Au


Lily has 27 years of experience in Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. She was the former Managing Director of General Mills, heading North South East Asia region. Haagen-Dazs, Wan Chai Ferry Dumpling, Nature Valley are the popular brands in the region. In the past 18 years, through innovation and perseverance, Lily built Haagen-Dazs and Wan Chai Ferry to top brands in the participating categories. Shaping a “Change-embracing” corporate culture was one of her key success weapon in driving out-performed market growth. Her motto: “Focus on the HOW, Stop explaining why not” was an important strategic thinking and was deep-rooted in her team. Lily believes it is people who make a company stand out from the rest. It is Lily’s mission to share her growth journey especially on how to activate her motto into a real business weapon with the young leaders. Before joining General Mills, Miss Au spent 9 years in Swire Coca-Cola and several other FMCG companies. Lily holds a Master Degree in Business Administration.