2020 A-Players Coach Photo – Monica Siu

Monica Siu

Monica is a professional Executive and Career Coach who specializes in leadership development, strategic foresight, and career development coaching plus team facilitation. She has also been a columnist writing articles about multiple dimensions of career design and development for a renowned local talent sourcing magazine since 2018. Monica believes that self-transcendence will emerge when diligence meets excellent coaching. She is especially passionate in motivating young people to think forward, and out of the box no matter when it comes to life design or career development. She has provided pro-bono coaching coaching facilitating service to students of IVEs, undergraduates and youth workers starting from 2009. She has been both a certified Master Coach and Member of the Board of Governor of the International Association of Coaching since 2014 and 2019 respectively. Her clients have worked for public companies or key players of the industries they are engaged in. She travels extensively to Asia and Europe on coaching and speaking engagements. Before starting her coaching career, Monica was Head of Human Resources for 15 years in established organizations in Greater China. She has a BA (Hons) and MBA from The University of Hong Kong and is certified as a Master Masteries Coach (IAC).

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